20 February 2009

DO I need to get the Soap?

Don't Forget....Seth Walker tonight at the Showroom( see
www.abstraktrt.blogspot.com/2009/02/art-and-music.html ) For More Information....

And Now...For Something Completely Strange...

Don't Say It! 10 Banned Words

What do "maverick," "staycation," and "green" have in common? They should all be banned! So say the guardians of the English language, whose day jobs are at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. This group annually takes on the role of word police by collecting a list of words and phrases that we have used so much they have become annoying. The solution? Ban them!

Here are 10 of the banned words and phrases on the 2009 list that were winnowed down from hundreds of entries:

1. Green: Environmental buzzwords are getting the axe this year. "Green" and "going green" received the most nominations. If something is good for the environment, just say so. As Kermit the Frog would say, "It isn't easy being green."

2. Carbon footprint: When you hear this word, do you envision microscopic impressions on the surface of the earth where an atom of carbon forgot to wear its shoes? Leaving a carbon footprint is the newest way to be politically incorrect.

3. Maverick: I'm a maverick, he's a maverick, wouldn't you like to be a maverick, too? You know it's time to banish this word when members of the Maverick family, who are descended from the rancher who inspired the term, say it's being misused.

4. First dude: Skateboard English is not an appropriate way to refer to the spouse of a high-ranking public official.

5. Bailout: The use of emergency funds to remove toxic assets from banks' balance sheets is not a bailout. When your cousin calls you from jail in the middle of the night, that is a bailout.

6. Wall Street/Main Street: It was clever when we first heard it. Now it's just overused.

7. Staycation: "Vacation" does not mean "travel," nor does travel always involve vacation. Just ask all those business road warriors.

8. Not so much: This has been widely used in sports, such as, "The Gophers have a shot at the playoffs; the Chipmunks, not so much." Do I like concise writing? Yes. Do I like verbose clich├ęs? Not so much.

9. Icon: An icon is a visual symbol or representation that inspires worship or veneration so let's find a new word to describe all those iconic actors and actresses. How about "legendary"? Or "famous"? Everyone can't be an icon.

10. It's that time of year again: When is it NOT that time of year again?

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