09 June 2008

Oops...Friday Blog ( Better Late than Never )

I know, I know

I promised that I would have a FRIDAY BLOG, On yes..of Course Friday. But I didn't . I meant to but I didn't..So Get over it.

This Friday..Kung FU Panda Opens....Starring the Voices of Jack Black...and some other famous people.

Next Week On Friday the 13th ....2 Movies Come out.... M. Night Shamalaladingdongs New Creep Show " The Happening " the first " R" Rated Flick he has EVER DONE comes out and the Long Awaited...well Really if you think about it...The First " The Incredible Hulk " movie comes out...Yes People are STILL trying to forget the 2003 ( directed by Ang Lee ) Travesty that Starred Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly was AWFUL ( still trying to figure out why someone would put Nick Nolte in a Superhero Movie ) . However, THIS ONE promises to be Better , Not just in CGI wise and Story Wise...but Actor WISE . " The Incredible Hulk " 2008 ( directed by Louis Leterrier and Screenplay by Edward Norton and Zak Penn ) Starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross . so...Lets all hope that Every one will forget the Ang Lee Disaster.

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