14 October 2008


Spark n' Boil - 10/14/08 - TONITE
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

This week's Spark-n-Boil Meeting is going to be all about getting more music out and into the streets of S-Burg, how and when we will go about practising, and all the legitimates like Peanit Butter & Jam and Percussive Tipi Time...and the future of The Spartanburg Marching All Stars! There is also something secret in the works, and a guessing of quanity scheduled sometime after 8. SO at 7:30 on Tuesday...Bring an instrument if you can or can't play, though can't is more enthusiastically encouraged. See you very soon!

Please contact Sarah or Ellie for more details. Sarah@hub-bub.com or Ellie@hub-bub.com

Tomorrow Art & Politics Come Together at The Showroom....

Exhibit Opening - Art & Politics - 10/15/08 - Wednesday
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Throughout history, artists have used their work as a medium in the search for truth. The political visions of artists have played a key role in this search and helped to define the truth of our society. The United States was founded in the name of freedom, equality, democracy, and our freedom of expression is central to these American ideals. In the year of this landmark American Presidential Campaign, this exhibit, Art and Politics 08’, will explore the ways in which contemporary art seeks social change.

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So that's it until tomorrow....Any Info you need to get out... E mail Me at : abstraktrt@gmail.com

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