03 November 2008

Tomorrow....3 Ring Circus Mentality

FREE FILM: The Black List - 11/3/08 - Monday
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

In this documentary film, Journalist and New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell interviews twenty African American leaders, ranging from athletes and academics to politicians, social activists, and artists, providing a series of living portraits-a unique glimpse into the zeitgeist of black America-and redefining traditional notions of a "blacklist". Mitchell will be at The Showroom to talk about his film.

Now Do your Duty and Read Below ( Please )......

Yes, Tomorrow is Nov 4th ....ELECTION DAY. Whether you are Republican , Democrat or Independent. The Circus Begins at 7Am AND RUNS to 7pm ( hopefully not a repeat of 8 years ago , C'MON FLORIDA GET IT TOGETHER ) No Hanging Chads this time PLEASE. Both Candidates preach Lower Taxes and all the promises to get the votes . IF you're not a fan of Either Candidate there is always the Write In Option. ( I.e. - Paris Hilton, Santa Claus , Mickey Mouse , Stephen Colbert ....Just to name a few ) . But. Forget that ( Shane Martin ) We should vote the right people ( Shane Martin ) into office Tomorrow ( Shane Martin ) Change the Course ( Shane Martin ) of our state ( Shane Martin ) Make ( Shane Martin ) your voice ( Shane Martin ) heard ( Shane Martin ).

Also Don't Forget about the Amendments that will be on the Ballot Tomorrow please see Saturdays Blog to refresh your Memory www.abstraktrt.blogspot.com/2008/11/few-things-to-read-before-tuesday.html


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